Protect Your Patient, Attach the Blanket

One type of misuse is called “hosing” – the improper use of forced-air warming systems which occurs without the attachment of the inflatable blanket.

How does hosing cause injuries?
When clinicians practice hosing, high-temperature airflow is concentrated on one area of the patient’s body.

There are several reasons why hosing can result in injury.

Remember – These dangers are only relevant when the product is misused. When used properly as a system, the warming blanket distributes warm air safely and evenly over a large portion of the patient’s body, providing the benefits associated with normothermia.

Forced-air warming blankets evenly distribute the heated air when the air moves through the blanket. Blanket air temperature is typically 2.0° to 5.5°C (3.6° to 10.0°F) lower than the temperature of the air from the hose.

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